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57/58 hollywood 1979-1983 matt sweeney kodachrome, 35mm

Battle of Atlanta War Centennial Game
Defending Atlanta from the Yankees is fun for all ages!!! Hold up - the box says 12 and up.
This board game was produced by the Southern Games Company in 1960, and features the Atlanta Campaign of 1864. The “Union” player wins the game by retaining control of Chattanooga and capturing Atlanta. The “Confederate” player wins by holding Atlanta.

Pledge of Allegiance
The Guardians of Our Nation

A boy sells lemonade from his front yard stand on Main Street in Aspen, Colorado, 1973.Photograph by Dick Durrance II, National Geographic Creative
google cameras caught in mirror

Robert Farber, Seeing Montana, 1992 (with thanks to arsvitaest)

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Chromatics, Goethe’s Farbenlehre, 1810. Published by Cotta, Tübingen. The complete book: Via Linda Hall Library, Kansas.
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