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Randolph, Tennessee

Miss Prince
RIP Saul Leiter.

“So many photographers, they go out of their way to publicize themselves and to search out success,” he added. “Saul never did it. He photographed because he loved taking photographs.”
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Dummy pilot and seat soar, as engineers test a catapult escape system in Arizona, March 1963.Photograph by Robert Sisson, National Geographic

End of the Trail - Klamath, California
"End of the Trail," smallest cocktail lounge in the world; just a stool and 1/2. At Trees Motel, adjoining the famous Blue Ox Cafe, opposite Trees of Mystery—4 miles No. of Klamath, Calif., on the beautiful Redwood Highway.


Roy Ward - Horse With A Freeze


Greetings From Dallas. Texas
Big D - Dallas, Texas
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